5 Bedroom Condo in Singapore

Luxurious, spacious, and the epitome of comfort living – these are a few terms, amongst others, used to describe 5 room condos in Singapore. Buying a 5 Bedroom condo is certainly a big decision, both financially as well as the comfort of stay of the whole family. The property buying process takes time and can get relatively complex. By prioritising features important to you and your family, house hunting can be made less daunting. With properties sorted by location, price points, size, and tenure statuses, NewCondo makes your search for the perfect 5 bedroom condo in Singapore a seamless one.

What to Consider When Looking at 5 Room Condos

An important factor to consider when browsing condo units in Singapore is its price. Whether you are upgrading your property to move into a 5 bedroom condo, or are a first-time property buyer, having a budget narrows down on property options. Beyond budget constraints, it Is crucial to factor in the size of the condo. However, depending on the property, each floor plan layout is bound to vary. Study the floor space accordingly and decide thereafter, if the 5 room condo is indeed one that meets your lifestyle needs.

Lastly, determine if this purchase is going to be a long term stay and if the tenure of the property is critical. Depending on your long-term goals, contemplating between leasehold and freehold properties is pivotal. Understanding that properties are precious assets to many, NewCondo has listings of 5 room condos with both freehold and 99 years leasehold tenures.

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A one-stop platform for all the latest property launches in Singapore, NewCondo is an industry leader in the real estate market. Beyond our extensive listing of condos, our experienced real estate consultants work closely with clients to make property purchases hassle-free. Whether you’re looking for a large 5 bedroom or even a landed house, reach out to our dedicated team for more information on how to move forward with purchase!


Buying a property is a long-term commitment and a big decision. Making the wrong move can cause you many life-changing opportunities. So, talk to us now! We are here to help you make the best decision, towards your dream home or asset progression journey.

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