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Looking for a 2 bedroom condo in Singapore for your small family or to share with a housemate? Choosing the right fit may require some deliberation – after all, an apartment should meet your lifestyle needs.

Before you settle on an option, consider a few factors when it comes to selecting a 2 bedroom condo.

What To Take Note Of When Choosing A 2 Bedroom Condo

Firstly, consider the amount of budget you can set aside for a 2 bedroom condo unit. This will allow you to narrow your options to units within the price range you can afford in Singapore. Ensuring you have enough to fund the type of condo you are looking for is important so that you do not run into any financial challenges in the future.

Next, make a note of your spatial requirements as these will greatly impact your day-to-day experience. Do you need more room to practise your hobby or set up your workstation, or are you simply looking for a bedroom to fit a single-sized bed, a small wardrobe and study table? Other space-related factors to consider too are the sizes of your bathrooms, living areas and kitchen.

Lastly, consider the amenities provided to you within the property. If you are keen on premium amenities such as infinity pools and concierge service be sure to look for 2 bedroom condos in Singapore that will provide you with them within your budget. If you’re only looking for basic amenities such as the common gyms, you can opt for inexpensive yet beautiful condo units as an alternative.

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If you’re looking for a smaller unit, a 1 bedroom condo may be an ideal choice. You can also look out for new condo units for sale on our website!


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