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Q1: What are the privileges for me if I buy a property through

A: Besides enjoying special discounts, priority in unit selection for brand new launches and attractive prices direct from developer, you will also get the most professional advice, comparison between property launches and comprehensive market trends and analysis to help you to make the right decision. As you can see, we do not just deal with 1 property launch or just property launches with any particular real estate agency, we deal with probably all property launches in Singapore, to ensure our clients pick the one that is most ideal for them.


Q2: Do I have to pay you commission if I buy a property?

A: There is no commission payable as our commission is payable by the developers and the sellers, for the secondary market.


Q3: I am a foreigner looking to invest in a property in Singapore. Am I eligible to buy and also take up a mortgage to finance the property?

A: Except for HDBs, executive condominiums and landed houses, all foreigners are eligible to buy any private property including private condominiums, apartments & commercial properties. Similar to Singapore Citizens, you can take mortgage loan of up to 75%, subject to banks’ approval. For residential properties, beside the usual Stamp Duty of 3% – $5,400 (for properties $1mil and below) or 4% – $15,400 (for properties above $1mil), the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) for foreigners is 20% of the purchase price.
Note: Under Free Trade Agreements, Citizens and Permanent Residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland as well as Citizens of United States of America will be subject to the same treatment of Singapore Citizens for ABSD.


Q4: What are the taxes and other costs involved for buying a property in Singapore?

A: There will be stamp duties payable when you buy a property in Singapore and they are as below. Besides the stamp duties, there will be legal fee (about SGD2,500 +/-) for engaging a solicitor to handle your purchase. If you are taking up a mortgage loan, there will also be mortgage stamp duty and cost for a valuation report (just a few hundred for both, depending on your mortgage amount).
No worries, we can facilitate everything nicely for you. We also compare the latest packages from the various banks to ensure that our clients get the best deal.
Stamp Duties For All Property Purchase: 3% – $5,400 (For property $1mil & below) or 4% – $15,400 (For property above $1mil)
Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty
For Singapore Citizen Buying 1st Property: Nil
For Singapore Citizen Buying 2nd Property: 12%
For Singapore Citizen Buying 3rd or more Property: 15%
For Singapore PR Buying 1st Property: 5%
For Singapore PR Buying 2nd or more Property: 15%
For Foreigners: 20%


Q5: I am a Singapore Citizen and own a HDB flat. I have already fulfilled the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP). Do I have the pay ABSD if I want to buy a private property?

A: Yes. The HDB is counted as your 1st property and hence, the private property will be considered as your 2nd property. Therefore, there will be a 12% ABSD payable.

If the HDB is bought under both you and your spouse’s name and you intend to sell the HDB, you can get a refund of the 12% ABSD paid, provided that you sell your HDB within 6 months from either i) the date of exercising of the Option To Purchase in the case of a resale property or ii) the date of the letter of notification of T.O.P in the case of a new launch property.
We also plan, time and help sell our buyers’ HDBs to ensure that they get this 12% ABSD refund.

Looking to upgrade but you are unable to pay the 12% ABSD? No worry, we have assisted many similar & satisfied clients to upgrade from their HDB to their dream condo without them having to pay any 12% ABSD. Feel free to call us at 6750-4559 now for a professional asset planning consultation. 


Q6: I am a Singapore PR and own a HDB flat. I have already fulfilled the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP). Can I buy a private property?

A: Yes. You can buy a private property. However, you will need to sell your HDB within 6 months. In the case of a new property launch which will only be completed in a few years, you can get your solicitor to write in to IRAS to get an approval to sell your HDB 6 months from the date of the T.O.P notification. However, unlike Singapore Citizens, you will not be able to get back the ABSD paid for this 2nd property.


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