Freehold vs 99 Years Leasehold

This is probably one of the hottest real estate topic in Singapore. While majority of property buyers are open to buy a 99 years leasehold property, it is inevitable for the rest to think that the property that they buy has to freehold. If all things (e.g. location, product attributes, price) are equal, of course it is better for the property to be freehold. But we know this will not be the case. Let’s take a look in detail below.


Is it true that only freehold properties can hold its value overtime while 99-years leasehold properties will only depreciate with time?  

Well, based on the research of, it seems like it is just a myth. In fact, the prices of 99-years leasehold properties have gone up 86.72%, while freehold properties went up by 60.81% during the same period.