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Not sure which are the condo launches to check? Here’s the monthly top selling condominiums for you to take reference on. The top sellers, with hundreds of units sold, are usually the ones which have just launched for sale. In today’s market, this is pretty remarkable, suggesting that these developments must have the right product attributes and prices.

These Monthly Top Sellers charts are followed by new condominiums which continue to enjoy good take-up from buyers, with more than an average of 1 unit each day. Be sure to check them out!

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Top Selling New Condo Launches In September 2019
Development Name Units Sold Median PSF
1 Avenue South Residence 361 $1941
2 Parc Clematis 119 $1620
3 Parc Botannia 71 $1311
4 Treasure at Tampines 69 $1355
5 The Florence Residences 68 $1456
6 Parc Esta 65 $1680
7 Margaret Ville 39 $1861
8 Riverfront Residences 32 $1341
9 Meyer Mansion 31 $2715

Top Selling New Condo Launches In August 2019
Development Name Units Sold Median PSF
1 Parc Clematis 316 $1615
2 The Florence Residences 122 $1438
3 Treasure at Tampines 93 $1343
4 Parc Botannia 61 $1328
5 Parc Esta 47 $1691

Top Selling New Condo Launches In July 2019
Development Name Units Sold Median PSF
1 Piermont Grand (EC) 378 $1107
2 One Pearl Bank 197 $2353
3 Treasure at Tampines 119 $1325
4 The Florence Residences 112 $1449
5 Parc Botannia 75 $1308


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